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How to Wash Smelly Clothes?

Living in a humid country as Pakistan, we face this issue all the time. 

Sweaty, musty, unpleasant odors that we need to instantly get rid of. So even if you are an expert at laundry, these quick and easy DIY tips might just aid your cleaning and save on a lot of time.

Wash Clothes as soon as possible

The unpleasant odor in your clothes is a sign that bacteria has been working up. Hence the longer you delay, you give bacteria more time to breed and grow. Similarly, washing dirty clothes sooner reduces the likelihood of any stain or smell settling into the fabric.

Choose the right detergent with the right dose

Surf Excel does the job pretty well by treating smelly clothes as if they were ‘drenched in filth’. Be it dirt or sweat, follow the instructions on the Surf label and use sufficient amount as per your requirement.

Don’t overload the machine

In order to release sweat out of the clothes in the first go, you need to give the garments enough space to freely move around in the washer. Thus, over loading the machine makes it difficult to get rid of the smell along with putting the garments at a risk of being damaged.

Use a fabric softener

Just what a conditioner is to hair, a fabric softener is to clothes. There are times when clothes seemingly appear clean but need to be washed with the conditioner in order to loosen up the cloth fibers which might be trapping molecules of the smelly bacteria. So after re-washing it with the softener, the clothes will come out fresher looking, and pleasant smelling.

Don’t leave the wet clothes inside the machine after the wash.

Remember: Dampness is a home to brew bacteria! So as soon as you’ve finished the washing, do not let the damp clothes sit in the machine to mold bacteria. Put them for drying instantly, and in case the musty smell has settled, just wash it once again and let it dry as soon as possible.

Quick Tips for Washing Smelly Clothes Tip:

Soak them in fresh water for half an hour before washing them in the machine.

Tip: Do not leave the dirty water in the drum post-washing as it may draw bacteria and give out a stench.

Tip: Always dry your machine after use to avoid growing bacteria, which makes your machine and garments stink.