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Let Surf Excel Matic handle toughest stains in machine!

Mothers, how do you clean tough chocolate or ketchup stains?

The usual practice is that we scrub the tough stain with a bar or with clothes rubbing brush until it goes away or leave the clothes in a bucket full of water for few hours before washing.

In washing machines all the clothes are rotated for the cleaning action, so there’s no specific action in machines to remove tough stains. This is why tough stains may not get removed when used ordinary handwash detergent in washing machines.


Surf Excel Matic has the power of vibrating molecules that works with the washing machines agitation to remove as many as 70 different stains. 



It’s the power of vibrating molecules that kick out tough coffee, ketchup or chocolate stains from the clothes you love.


Use Surf Excel Matic in your washing machines to get cleaner, brighter clothes.