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Surf Excel Matic – No Oversudsing At All!

What is sudsing? Foaming or sudsing is soapy water. Washing machines use a combination of water and laundry detergent to create a soapy mixture that is agitated with the clothes and then drained away.

This is called "sudsing" and is a normal part of washing-machine cycles. The soapy water agitates with the items to clean them and then drains out of the washing machine. What is oversudsing? “Oversudsing” is an excess of soapy water.

Excess foam or over sudsing happens if regular handwash detergent is added to a washing machine or a detergent not meant for use with washing machines is added in it. Over sudsing can also be created if users add more than the recommended amount of detergent to the washing machine.


Now we will tell you why should you use Surf Excel Matic Top Load in top load washing machines and Surf Excel Matic Front Load in front load washing machines. Excess foaming or over sudsing is not good for your washing machines.

When we use regular or ordinary handwash powder in front load washing machines, it creates excess foams and too much foam or suds may choke the machine drum. Moreover, the left over foam in washing machines may damage its parts.


Surf excel Matic has the right amount of foam or suds as per the type of washing machine for effective washing machine care. That is why Haier recommends Surf Excel Matic for washing machines.