Sorting and Loading

To get the best results from your wash, it is important to separate your laundry into batches of similar fabric colours and types, and not to under-load or overload the machine. See the sorting and loading tips for more information.


  • First, sort your washing by colour (into whites, light colours and dark colours)
  • Then sort by fabric type (cotton and linen, synthetics and synthetic blends, delicates)
  • Always check the care labels
  • Wash each load with the correct amount of the right detergent
  • Machine washable wool and silk should be washed in a specialist product that is specially formulated for fabrics


  • Do not overload the machine. It can cause poor wash results, damage your clothes and even damage the machine
  • For most fabrics, the bowl should be loosely filled. For machine-washable woollens, 2 or 3 items is a full load