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Machine Tips – Part 2

Laundry is most mundane chore of all the chores and there’s no escape from it. Let us ease out your worries while you soak in fun with your loved ones. Enjoy the second part!

  1. Do you know why experts recommend Surf Excel Matic Top Load for top load washing machine? Hand wash detergent gets diluted resulting in poor wash performance so if you have Top load machine, use Surf Excel Matic Top Load for best results, as recommended by Haier!


  2. Level 4 (60 grams) is the recommended dosage of Surf Excel Matic for regular machine loads. So, not only do you save up but you also remove tough stains in the machine without soaking.


  3. Leaving the door slightly open will help stop breeding of germs.


  4. An important tip to remember.


  5. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe out the spills on your washing machine!