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Machine Tips – Part 1

Are you having problems removing tough stains? Is your washing machine giving you a tough time? Follow these simple tips and get rid of laundry blues.

  1. Ordinary detergents get diluted in machine wash and result in ineffective stain removal.

    That’s why we recommend our machine wash specialist detergent, Surf Excel Matic that is specially formulated for machines with the power of Vibrating Molecules that gives a superior machine wash, without soaking!


  2. Use the recommended dose of Surf Excel Matic for the regular wash.


  3. The right detergent is a must to get the perfect wash in your front load washing machine Use Surf Excel Matic Front Load in your front load washing machine.


  4. Maintenance wash is necessary for your washing machine. Do it at least twice a year.


  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions!