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Mistakes You Make With Your Washing Machine!

In this day and age, when machines constantly keep on upgrading, we need to keep ourselves mindful of these devices which do wonders in helping us out with the everyday chores.

This is why we want to make sure that with these important tips you are knowledgeable enough to know the rights and wrongs of your machine and play safe!

washing machine

Overloading your washing machine

It may seem super tempting to stuff the machine with all the dirty clothes and get done with all of them at once. However, this may not be the best decision. When the machine is too full, water and detergent won't reach the entire bundle. In fact, dirt is trapped, and clothing doesn't get clean. Besides, overburdening causes unnecessary load your washer, and causes excess fabric wrinkling.

Using hand-wash detergent in your washing machine

Hand wash detergents are usually formulated to make huge quantities of bubbles while washing detergents hardly make any. Hence, the extra bubbles cause harm to the machine and it might even stop working after that.

Not cleaning your machine

It is important that from time to time, you remove the detergent residue, slime (caused by greasy clothes) and dirt from the tub, dispenser and water pipes. You can also read How to clean top load machine for information. Cleaning machine every 3 months helps the machine stay clean from any dirt or residue.

Using excessive detergent

The directions for the amount of detergent need to be strictly followed. Too little or excessive usage of detergent causes harm to both, the clothes and the washer. However, it’s a common misconception that using more detergent leads to cleaner clothes.

Sticking to the same cycles and settings for all clothes

You must go for a normal wash for regular loads.

Similarly, if you are washing baby clothes or delicate clothes you must select the gentle setting. Strong setting must only be chosen when you are washing very greasy clothes. It’s vital to use the right setting as required or else you are bound to damage the washer along with your clothes.

So try to keep these pointers in mind and you wouldn’t need to bother your technician for the longest!