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How To Clean A Top Load Washing Machine?

Your machine washes heaps of dirty laundry and so the inside of the washer can get tainted, and smelly while dirt may stick to its walls and eventually to your clothes. Thus, keeping it clean is super important. Follow these simple steps and see the difference.


Fill the machine with hot water

The easiest way to do this is to turn on the hot wash cycle and let the hottest water fill. You could even heat up water in the kitchen and pour it into the machine.

Add a quart of chlorine bleach

Once you’ve added bleach, you then need to turn the washing cycle on for a few seconds in order to let the bleach and the water mix. Then turn it off and let the chlorine mixture settle for almost an hour. This will assist lifting the residue and other substances inside the washer. In case you don’t choose to use bleach, you can particularly use a machine cleaner instead.

However, if you stick to using a natural alternative, add a quart of white vinegar in place of bleach or cleaner.

Finish the washing cycle

After an hour, let the machine complete the washing cycle. By this time, the inside of the machine has been clean. If the machine smells like bleach once the cycle is complete, fill it with hot water and pour in some vinegar. Let the mixture stay for an hour and let it drain after that.

Clean the dispensers

You must use a vinegar water solution and a scrubber to clean the places where powdered or liquid detergent swarms. Often do substances such as dirt, hair, and other rubble tend to pile up in the dispenser, so cleaning these parts is extremely crucial as well.

Take care of your machine and your machine will guard your clothes well. Hopefully this information will guide you better!