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Teach Kids “How To Tell Time”

Teaching kids to tell the time is quite a challenge for parents and teachers. Guiding a child towards time-telling mastery can be made easier by simply appealing to his or her innate creativity and interests.

By incorporating his or her favorite items and activities into lessons about time, concepts can be quickly grasped and understood.

Follow the steps to make learning about time easy and fun.

Step 1:

Make sure your kid can count till 60.

Step 2:

Teach 5 times tables.

Step 3:

First step is to teach the minutes in an hour before moving further.

Step 4:

Draw a clock on any colored chart paper.

Step 5:

Explain the number of clock hands and what does each hand do.

  • Short hand = hour hand
  • Large hand = minute hand

Step 6:

Teach your child how to read hour and minute hand together.

Step 7:

Ask questions once you complete the lesson of the day.

Step 8:

If your child answers correctly, reward with a chocolate or his/her favourite candy.

Learning to tell the time is a complex skill however supporting the skill can easily be done at home.